Local Seminars


Applied & Computational Mathematics Seminar

The Applied & Computational Mathematics Seminar at PSU is a general interest seminar that will cover, among other things:
  • Numerical analysis
  • Scientific computing and visualization
  • Modeling and simulation

Seminars are every Monday from 2pm-3pm in Neuberger Hall (NH) 373 at Portland State University

ACM Seminar Schedule 2017

Statistics and Statistical Learning Seminar

The seminar meets on Tuesday at 4 pm in Neuberger Hall (NH), in seminar room 373 at Portland State University. Tea will be served to the attendees at 3:30 and the seminar speaker starts at 4pm.

Stats Seminar Schedule 2017


The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) has Student Chapters around the world for students interested in computational and applied mathematics. The Portland State University (PSU) Chapter was formed to organize activities for students in science, engineering, math, and statistics. We organize resources for students such as seminar talks, workshops in the computer lab, field trips, and more!

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