PICS strives to:
  • Promote effective use of computational technologies to solve scientific problems
  • Create a regional community of researchers interested in using and training others in computational technologies
  • Procure high performance computing clusters and upgrade cyber-infrastructure


Portland Institute for Computational Science (PICS) was made possible through support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Army Research Office (ARO), and Portland State University (PSU).

The NSF, under their “Major Research Instrumentation” program, awarded the grant DMS 1624776 in 2016, which sponsored the bulk of the cost for a high performance computing cluster called the Coeus cluster. The principal investigator for this grant is Jay Gopalakrishnan. Additional major support came from the ARO under US Army Federal Grant # W911NF-16-1-0307, which was also awarded in 2016, after a merit competition jointly conducted by the three research offices of the Department of Defense. The principal investigator for this grant is Panayot Vassilevski. The Dean of College of Liberal Arts & Sciences of PSU, recognizing the needs of researchers not represented in these grants, provided additional funds to augment the data storage capabilities of the Coeus cluster. The Research Computing division of PSU, as a service to the regional research community, pays for the ongoing costs of power, maintenance, and systems staff.


Location - Portland, Oregon (Tilikum Bridge)
Foundation - Mathematics (Pi Symbol)
Application - Computational Sciences (CS)

PSU Coeus Cluster
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