PICS membership is free and is required for access to the Coeus cluster.

There are three types of memberships:

Stakeholder: Such members form the core of PICS. They will be relied on to show the impact of PICS and will be asked to help with continued resources for maintenance and upgrades.

Sponsored Member: These are members whose access to PICS resources is sponsored by Stakeholder Members.  Researchers in teams, including postdoctoral associates, and students usually fit into this category.
Guest Member: Students needing high performance computing access in Portland State University's computational courses, or others able to justify the resource need for a short term, usually fit into this category.

Regional researchers wishing to use the Coeus cluster for non-commercial scientific research may request a two-year Stakeholder Membership. Stakeholder Membership is continued for anyone contributing to the vitality of PICS in one of the following ways:
- Exhibit scholarly output acknowledging PICS and its supporting grants.
Such acknowledgement may be done, for example, by adding the following statement to a publication: This work was made possible in part thanks to Portland Institute for Computational Science and its resources acquired using NSF Grant # DMS 1624776 and ARO Grant #W911NF-16-1-0307.  Publication preprints are to be submitted to the PICS Preprint Archive maintained by the Portland State University Library.

- Contribute to the addition of PICS resources.
This may be accomplished, for example, by contributions of upgraded compute nodes or storage servers, or by joint or individual grant proposals which include budgets for purchasing additions or upgrades to PICS equipment.

Membership may also be continued by demonstrating other contributions to PICS.  These policies are subject to revision at any time the current resources become oversubscribed.
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